A new building is more than just a building, it's a solution to your storage or housing problems and an investment in your property, a steel building is more than your return on investment.

Steel building
Steel building

1. Steel buildings have a long life

Steel building roofs are long-lasting. We use hardened steel roofs which are pre-treated to withstand the harshest of weather. While ordinary roofs last around twenty years, metal roofs have a minimum life expectancy of 40 years or more, and the International Association of Certified Homes estimates that metal roofs can last up to 80 years.

2. Steel maintenance

Our steel structures are pre-treated at the factory to resist rust and corrosion. Metal walls, roofs and beams maintain their structural integrity through the toughest elements. Our buildings have withstood decades of rain, snow and wind.

3. Steel buildings grow with your needs

Steel buildings are easy to expand. If you need more and your current building is not enough, you can order additional materials to be added to your building.

4. Steel structures are easily insulated

Steel buildings can be insulated and equipped with HVAC systems. Insulating your building will save you money on energy bills and keep people comfortable. If you choose a low-profile roof and energy-efficient colours, you will save even more money.

5. Guaranteed lower costs for steel buildings

Compared to buildings made of other materials, steel buildings are much cheaper to build. Steel is non-combustible, long-lasting and easy to reinforce.

6. Steel structures are resistant to wind, disease and moisture

Our steel buildings are built to last. Steel is resistant to corrosion and rust. It is unheard of for pests to attack steel; they simply cannot find steel to eat. Steel is also damp-proof, whereas timber rots.