In 2013, I completed a BS in Mining Engineering. I have worked as a land conservation and management technician for numerous years before commencing engineering inspections and observations on structural components and soils (moisture/density, steel strengthening, concrete, deep foundations, masonry, etc.). I did this for 2,5 years and decided to return to a structural design master and pursue a PE. First of all, I feel like I've had to pass my FE (I took it in my junior year, and I failed to retake it, never again) and prove that I have the skills to what it takes and if I genuinely want to pursue masters. My firm is ready to pay for any study material needed to take the FE. Since I did not initially study civil engineering, I lack some basic information. My studies practically halted at 200 fluids, statics, and dynamics before taking specific courses. My question for all of you is: What investigations do you recommend I get my company to purchase?