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Structural Eng.
Structural Eng.

Discussions related to drawings and specifications, calculations, engineer work review process, writing reports and evaluations, and observing construction sites.

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Fasi Ur Rahman
Author at The Constructor

There is no terminology for a rectangular concrete beam not supporting any slab/load.

However, A drop beam is installed perpendicular to the joists (the horizontal boards or beams that support the framework) on any structural member. For example, if a... (More)

Fasi Ur Rahman
Author at The Constructor

The beam and column design depend on the type of loading, structure, etc.

By thumb rule, L/d =10,
The depth of the beam should be 0.6m and the width minimum of 0.230m.

The size of the column depends on... (More)

Fasi Ur Rahman
Author at The Constructor

The steps involved in the setup of a fence foundation are:

  1. Plan Your Fence
  2. Measure and Lay Out the Fence Posts
  3. Dig Holes
  4. Position Posts in Concrete
  5. Attach Rails or Panels to Posts
  6. Attach Pickets to Rails
  7. Attach Post Caps... (More)
Fasi Ur Rahman
Author at The Constructor

Hello Durai,
Our team of experts has a detailed discussion on the issue you are facing and all possible options.
Our team likes to know the setup which you have made for the disposal of blackwater coming from toilets.

The... (More)