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Structural Eng.
Structural Eng.

Discussions related to drawings and specifications, calculations, engineer work review process, writing reports and evaluations, and observing construction sites.

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Fasi Ur Rahman
Author at The Constructor

Hello Durai,
Our team of experts has a detailed discussion on the issue you are facing and all possible options.
Our team likes to know the setup which you have made for the disposal of blackwater coming from toilets.

The... (More)

SAFS Steel Structure previously published an article about the advantages of space frames, which contains its characteristics, advantages, and disadvantages. The advantages are divided into 8, mainly including large span, fast construction period, earthquake resistance, and easy installation. More detailed... (More)

It's true that Bidding Estimating is a perfectionist estimating company that provides services in the USA. A few years ago, I hired bidding estimating to handle my house's painting takeoff.

Is Bidding Estimating Company best for construction estimating?