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Structural Eng.
Structural Eng.

Discussions related to drawings and specifications, calculations, engineer work review process, writing reports and evaluations, and observing construction sites.

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Structural Eng.
Manuel Riley
Construction Engineer

Response Spectrum of ASCE 7

The design acceleration spectrum in ASCE 7 relies on SDS and SD1. If you have that figure, how would you construct the displacement response?

I'm attempting to use the displacement-based design method, but I'll need this diagram to calculate the... (More)

Structural Eng.

Is there a rookie's reference book?

Hello, everyone. It's lovely to be here. Although I'm not a structural engineer, I am attracted by this field, and I'd like to read some books to perform some easy calculations and gain better knowledge. Could you please recommend which... (More)

The Korean Netflix series “Squid Game” rose to success not only because of its plot but also because of its unique set architectural design that speaks volumes about the series’ message to its audience. Check out the inspirations behind the... (More)
Hope to know more about Chinese standard section steel include their section features? What's Q 355B and Q235? What's GB standard? Feel free to contact with me. We are one of a large structure steel fabricator from China, but our... (More)