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Interview Questions
Interview Questions

Find out what are the most common job interview questions for engineers and learn what are the tips of engineers who already have passed some interviews!

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Initial setting time of various types of cement:

  • The value of the initial setting time is different for a different type of cement.
  • The initial setting time of Quick setting cement is only 5 minute.
  • The initial setting time of... (More)
Wilma Caldwell
Architectural technologist

The main reason behind the initial setting time of cement should not be less than 30 min is that the initial setting time is the exact moment when the concrete starts to harden. In theory, this time starts as soon... (More)

The Golden Ratio is an irrational number with never-ending infinite numbers of digits, 1.618033988749895..., which are highly confusing and misleading. It is a linear number and represents only two dimensions of the object. Drawing It

Here is one way to... (More)