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Construction Engineering & Management
Construction Engineering & Management

Discussions related to planning, scheduling, and management of construction resources throughout a project; designing and implementing novel solutions and techniques; and proper utilization of equipment for optimum performance and safety.

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Fasi Ur Rahman
Author at The Constructor

Post concrete inspection of concrete structures is essential to check for any damage or defects that may require repair. Immediately after stripping the formwork, all concrete members cast are carefully inspected and any defective work or small defects are either... (More)

Fasi Ur Rahman
Author at The Constructor

There are no specific years to gain complete knowledge in civil engineering as Civil engineering is a very vast subject. In my opinion, a person's whole life is insufficient to gain complete knowledge in civil engineering.

To see the post pour inspection like;

1- Is there any honeycomb?

2- Is there any cracks?

3- Any defect of concrete due to lack of curing 

4- Imperfection in finishing