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Bryan Stanley
Design Engineering
Asked a question 2 years ago

Why we Conduct the SPT Test in Soil investigation?

Why we conduct soil penetration test in soil investigation?

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Flenn Hale
Construction Manager

It provides information about Geotechnical properties of soil and furnishes data about resistance of the soils to penetration which can be used to evaluate standard strength data, such as N value of the soil.

N = number of blows per 30 cm of penetration using standard split spoon.

it is a procedure to obtain undisturbed samples at varying depths so that we can find cohesion, C and angle of internal friction,  which are used to find the bearing capacity of soils.

Theodore Ray
Planning and development surveyor

As a civil engineer to check the geotechnical properties of soil, three guests must be performed the shear test, bearing test, and penetration test.

A penetration test is performed by three methods,

standard penetration test A dynamic cone penetration test Cone penetration test or Dutch cone penetration test.

In Geotechnical engineering, the value of standard penetration test is widely used for determining technical properties of soil.

To check the soil parameters Value of cohesion and angle of internal friction with imperial relations. To know the deformation modulus. To check the consistency of soil For determining the bearing capacity of soil

This test is globally used to determine various engineering and geotechnical properties for soil investigations.