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Bryan Stanley
Design Engineering
Asked a question 2 years ago

Why use a concealed beam in construction?

Why use a concealed beam in construction?

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The concealed beam is a hidden beam in the slab. it is used at the opening of slab-like stair opening see figure

Why use a concealed beam in construction?

This red line show concealed beam

it is used for save headway of floor, to give flatter surface, to resist redistribution of load, to divide and distribution as per design 

basically this type of beam we provide at

  • stair opening
  • OTS opening
  • sink slab strengthning
  • to convert one way and two way load distribution system
Terry Collins
Sustainability consultant

It is otherwise called “Concealed Beam”.

The Hidden beam is a way to depict the load scattering on to supporting slab.

Hidden beams are for the most part embedded inside the suspended slabs where section thickness is extensive.

In the event that the cantilever beam is with a Hidden beam, it can not go about as an unadulterated beam and will just circulate the loads over the slab area and it can not be considered as basically bolstered one.

– as it were, “The hidden beam isn’t a beam and the main way to spread the focused loads of the walls on the piece region. The Hidden beam is a virtual beam that was started by somebody to utilize the Beam free headroom.

*Hidden beam is given among living and feasting spaces right angle to one another. This gives a perfect and level roof surface that is useful for the look.

Basically it makes a spanning issue, as spans for structural help are at a right angle to one another. This implies one slab structurally basically rests over the other.

Concealed beam between balcony and room is normal to encourage simple consideration of the gallery into room space later.


To scatter loads on supporting slabs.
To break a wide board of slab to a significant size.
To accomplish max floor height.
To make room for electro mech ventilation work.
To improve architectural aesthetic appearance by giving flawless and leveled ceiling surface


It saves floor height clearance.
It permits if brickwork to be built over a slab.
It is economical
It gives the better interior appearance


The disservice of the concealed beam is that it’s extensively low malleability in view of the height reinforcement proportion that is given to repay to depth limitation explicitly at column connection.

Fundamentally it makes a traversing issue, as spans for structural support are in a correct right to one another. This implies one slab fundamentally rests over the other.

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