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Why should i choose civil eningeering?

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Fasi Ur Rahman
Author at The Constructor

When we hear the term ‘Civil Engineering,’ our eyes and ears usually do not give the anticipation as they do after hearing about new iPhones, cars, or artificial intelligence. Civil Engineering innovations have their greatest impacts on the quality of human lives. Buildings2 are the largest contributors to greenhouse gases. Civil Engineers make powerful buildings and other pivotal facilities which can make our life great. Traffic Engineering is also a part of the Civil Engineer’s job. Urbanization means we have less land, so we must go taller. 

Civil Engineers design tall buildings so that the building can be used in various ways, and thus with the quality of Civil Engineers, we can fight with urbanization effectively. We all crave to be residents of a smart planet. But to have one, we need smart cities, which would require smart buildings. And only qualified civil engineers can only make these kinds of smart buildings or smart homes, and there are many more reasons to choose Civil Engineering instead of other core engineering streams like Mechanical Engineering4 or Electrical Engineering63.