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Wilma Caldwell
Architectural technologist
Asked a question 2 years ago

Why should curing not be done by ponding and polythene sheets?

Why should curing not be done by ponding and polythene sheets?

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Why should curing not be done by ponding and polythene sheets?

The reason behind not usage of water curing and polythene sheets type of curing:

Disadvantages of ponding curing:

  • Ponding curing needs to be done under continuous supervision by professional labours.
  • Cold wind affects the ponding adversely.
  • After the curing process using ponding that the large about it needs to be disposed of the curing side.

Disadvantages of polythene sheets:

  • Polythene sheets can be easily blown off and this is one of the most disadvantages of such type of curing process.
  • This does not windy weather.
  • Polythene sheets may cause discolouration.

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The disadvantages of ponding:

Evaporation is high Constant monitoring Excess water is needed The initial work for ponding must be done

However, it is a very simple process and doesn't need skilled labours, thus the disadvantages maybe overruled by that advantage.

The disadvantages of polythene sheets:

Costly Needs skilled labours Care has to be taken to ensure that the polythene sheets are free from any holes or fissures Extra attention must be given to the proper installation of the sheets.

However, this method if installed properly retains moisture inside the concrete for a longer period of time.

Both methods are very advantageous based on the need for the structure. The disadvantages are as follows

Pond curing:

  • Can only be used for flat surfaces
  • Cannot be used where water is scarce
  • Needs continuous supervision
  • Unlike steam curing, it does not accelerate the strength gaining process
  • The pond must be constructed in order to do pond curing

Polythene sheets

  • They may fly and cannot be used in windy areas
  • Causes discoloration
  • Water lost through desiccation cannot be compromised in this method.
  • Needs skilled labours
  • Not economical