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Arnold Shelton
Management consultant
Asked a question 2 years ago

Which Types of load acting on INTZE type elevated water tank ?

How the loads transmit in elements of the Intze water tank?

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Theodore Ray
Planning and development surveyor

Generally, two types of load acting on the Intze tank are Gravity load and minor Wind load. Live load is also acting, but its amount of load is very less.

When we design a base slab, the load acting on the base slab is the weight of the cylindrical wall, the weight of the top dome, self-weight of the base slab, and minor wind load.

When we design the top dome, we consider the self-weight of the top dome, and in that calculation, we calculate radial shear and radial bending moment.

Wilma Caldwell
Architectural technologist

For design roof slab the following load considers during the design of the Intze tank.

1. Self-weight of slab

For design bottom slab the following load acting on the bottom slab is.

1. Weight of wall of the tank

2. Weight of roof slab

3. Self-weight of the bottom slab

4. Weight of water

For design beam the following loads calculate.

1. Self-weight of beam

2. Weight of slabs

3. Floor finish or live load