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Jacqueline Wade
Environmental engineer
Asked a question 2 years ago

Which type of Paint is Best for the Exterior walls of the Building?

Which type of Paint is Best for the Exterior walls of the Building?

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External walls have to be bear many things like bad weather, stormy winds, temperature variations, etc., So they have to be very tough, impenetrable.

So the paint to be applied on that should help the wall do so.

For exterior walls paints must have these properties…..

  1. UV resistance
  2. Water resistancE
  3. Dirt pickup resistance
  4. Thermal insulation
  5. Anti algae & anti fungal property
  6. Wet scrub resistance

Apart from these many other properties like good sheen, highly elongation, etc must be in high extent in the paint for best performance.

Paints good to be applied on the outer walls are

  • Latex based
  • satin and eggshell

Now the brands

In the current scenario, given the R & D development most companies like Asian paints, Berger, Nerolac have similar quality paint. Slightly ahead would be Dulux.

The most important thing is not the paint but the painter

In the case of Exterior Paints Dulux Weathershield, Nerolac Excel, Asian Paints Ultima Protek, and Apex Ultima pitch in. It is good to choose products that suit your requirements rather than brands while choosing paints for interiors and exteriors of houses.

As far as external walls are considered there is maximum need to protect it from harsh weather conditions, algae formations, fungi formations etc.

The following ingredients are must to protect it from all types of atmospheric attacks:

  • Pure acrylic paints.
  • silicone based paints to provide toughness

Which type of Paint is Best for the Exterior walls of the Building?

There are many exterior grade paints available in the Indian market. First of all, select the right product for your requirement. Requirements in the sense you need water-resistant or heat resistant or which characteristics for the said project.

India has moderately hot and humid climatic conditions widely. Thumb Rule is all acrylic formulations, provide the best protection under varying atmospheric conditions. Some of the best paint to be used on the building’s exterior that face extreme conditions are

  1. Asian Paints Ultima Protek
  2. Dulux Weathershield
  3. Nerolac Excel Total.

In case your place doesn’t experience much rainfall and is mostly dry, you can also choose Asian Paints Apex Ultima for good results.

My recommendation would be Asian paints Ultima Protek. It is a two-component exterior paint that comprises of a base coat and a topcoat. Asian Paints offers a 10-year Warranty on Paint film integrity and colorfastness. That is the highest warranty offered by a paint manufacturer on exterior paints in India, so far.

That said, Dulux Weathershield and Nerolac Excel also provide a tough competition to Asian Paints Exterior Paint Products. Sun Reflect technology that Dulux claims are also interesting and widely looked up to feature.

Nowadays all companies provide technical assistant through a free helpline and also through site visits. Contact a good company and understand personally with the help of a technical person.

Thank You.