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Bryan Stanley
Design Engineering
Asked a question 2 years ago

Which type of foundation should be used in Coastal Area and Sloping ground?

Which type of foundation should be used in the places such as i) Coastal Area ii) Sloping ground

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Flenn Hale
Construction Manager


Raised Foundations(RF) Raised type of foundations is used in coastal areas because receives large amounts of rain to flooding. RF requires crucial planning because they are able to support the home and walls also provide protection from moisture. 2 types of RF:

1.Pier & Beam raised foundation

2. Stem wall raised foundation

Ross Kim
Geotechnical engineer
Which type of foundation should be used in Coastal Area and Sloping ground?

Question is not specific and does not provide enough information about requirements

Type of foundation in the coastal area depends upon the type of sand, bearing capacity of the soil, it may be rocky or brittle stones nearby area.

Also the type of building to be constructed it may be a single storey, 2 storey and multi-storey building. the need for the foundation is according to the type of sand and building to be constructed.

In general, the bearing capacity of the soil is not good enough, then the pear Foundation is to be adopted for multi-storey buildings.

In the sloped ground, stepped Foundation is adopted for giving is stability. In this case, pile Foundation is to be adopted in a deeper section of ground to provide a horizontal surface and also and sure about future stability. This type of foundation also resists earthquake vibrations and wind loads pressures.

Which type of foundation should be used in Coastal Area and Sloping ground?

Foundation in the coastal and sloped area:

General Discussion :

  • As far as geotechnical engineering is concerned, the coastal structures are very important and should not be overlooked
  • The foundation design is highly site-specific
  • Usually, the type of foundation depends upon the material under building construction

As per my knowledge regarding Geotechnical Engineering, following are the best type of foundation used in the coastal and sloped area.

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The foundation on the sloping ground :

I) Stepped Foundation

II) Foundation at one Level

  • The foundation on sloped ground is achieved by cutting method.
  • In cutting method Foundation trenches are formed in steps.
  • Some important points we should keep in our mind while the formation of foundation trenches are as follows;
  1. The step of foundation trench should not be more than the depth of the concrete bed.
  2. Each step of foundation trench exactly equal to the multiple of the depth of one break, so that it can fit with the bricklayer.

Foundation in a coastal area :

  • Usually, deep Foundation is used in the coastal area
  • Well Foundation is used in the construction of bridges
  • Pile and Pier Foundation is most preferable foundation type for coastal area
  • In coastal area Foundation, the failure mode is very critical
Seth Morgan
Construction Superintendent

For sloping ground

  • Filled foundation
  • Fill and cut foundation
  • Stepped foundation

For coastal areas

  • Pile foundation – with or without bracings
  • Well foundation

To know more about foundations for different ground conditions,

Pier Foundations are preferred in coastal areas and Stepped foundations are commonly used in areas with sloping ground.