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Wilma Caldwell
Architectural technologist
Asked a question 2 years ago

Which type of foundation are used for G+5 building?

Which type of foundation are used for G+5 building?

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Pile foundation and raft foundation is used for a high rise structure.

Pile foundations are more capable of taking higher loads than spread footings.

When allowable bearing pressure is low, the heavy structure is present & the site is with a highly compressible layer; then raft foundation is applicable.

Theodore Ray
Planning and development surveyor

Selection of foundation depends on the soil base at the site whether it is for single storey building or building with more storeys. There are many factors like - bearing capacity failure, settlement, quality, adequate strength, etc. which affect the type of foundation. So, after considering these factors we should choose the building foundation.

Mainly for buildings having more storeys needs a good and strong foundation. Shallow foundation will be best foundation for building with more storeys. Pile foundation is also recommended for G+5 buildings.

The decision of establishment to a great extent relies upon the soil where it is being proposed to be laid and also on what are you going to build, I.e., by implication, the load itself.
Essentially a mix of isolated and combined footing for buildings up to G+4, pile foundations for G+5 and above. Strip, mat if the soil is not suitable
One thing must be remembered that it is the soil which conveys the load, foundations distribute it.