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Bryan Stanley
Design Engineering
Asked a question 2 years ago

Which Type of Cement is used for Pile Foundation?

Which type of cement is used in the construction of a pile foundation? Kindly mention the references from codes or guides for the answer.

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Basically, in the pile foundation, we use M20 to M40 concrete grade.

Pile foundation should have higher cover to protect deterioration from the surrounding soil.

Various type of pile has various specification, and as per specification, we should provide a concrete grade.

Concrete grade and steel grade and steel arrangement are totally depend on design philosophy.

We can also use various types of cement-like super sulfate cement, pozzolanic cement, sulfate resisting cement, other special kinds of cement, maybe use.

Any type of cement can be used as long as the design and durability requirements of the concrete used to construct the pile are met. For instance, if the sulfate attack is expected, it is desirable to select sulfate resistance cement because it produces concrete that withstand sulfate attack. As a result, the produced concrete would durable.

You can visit the following link to read more about Applications of Different Types of Cement for Concrete Construction:

The ACI code 318-18 provides the design and durability requirements of concrete.

Design Requirements of Concrete Based on ACI 318-19

Concrete Durability Requirements Based on ACI-318-19