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Dennis Holt
Entry level engineer
Asked a question 2 years ago

Which software will be more easy to make a 2D plan?

Which software can be used to make a easy 2D plan?

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Which software will be more easy to make a 2D plan?

Various planning software is available in the market half key features 2D drawing and 3D modelling.

ArchiCAD is an architectural CAD software developed by Graphisoft which allow us to do 3D as well as 2D drafting visualisation for building model and this is the best 2D software.

Apart from that, the following software we can also use:

  • Infornia
  • Floorplanner- we can create a 2D 3D floor plan
  • Plan floor creator
Terry Collins
Sustainability consultant

Following are some easy and best software to use.

  1. TinkerCAD
  2. FreeCAD. 
  3. BlocksCAD
  4. Fusion 360
  5. Solidwork
  6. CATIA.
  7. Creo
  8. AutoCAD
  9. Rhino
  10. OpenSCAD

One should do more practice to become familiar with softwares.

Morris Baker
Construction Site Safety Manager

In General Practice AutoCAD (Computer Aided Drafting) software is used for 2D plan.