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Ross Kim
Geotechnical engineer
Asked a question 2 years ago

Which one should be stronger brick or brick bond?

Which one should be stronger brick or brick bond? Why?

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Wilma Caldwell
Architectural technologist

If both brick and the bond are stronger, then it will be best, but we have to choose one of them then I think it will probably bond between the bricks as the if the bond between the bricks are not stronger then small amount force will be able to break the wall. Also, most of the forces that come to the brick are compression force; therefore, the brick will be able to tackle it completely.

I completely disagree with a previous answer given by someone. There is a famous saying in brick masonry that “Mortar must never be stronger than bricks.” It is crucial for the bond to be weaker than the brick from both a strength and a durability point of view. Walls where the mortar was stronger, eventually break up on their own with time without extra forces applied.

First, you must understand that nobody is trying to break your wall. The extra loads, in addition to compressive loads from the top, are only due to minor movements from temperature changes, structural settlement, etc. and lateral forces. Even though you do make a stronger mortar, breaking won’t be significantly toughened.

Now, coming to the actual reasons, the joints must be weaker because of the wall cracks or breaks, it should preferably do so trough the mortar than the bricks because mortar will be easier and cheaper to repair. Also, if bricks break, the whole wall could come down, but mortar won’t break at all places in the wall. Also, rich and strong mortars tend to be rigid against minor movements and are comparative more vulnerable to initiate cracks as a consequence.

Secondly, from a durability standpoint, it is even more important to have a weaker mortar. If there’s hard and dense mortar around porous open textured bricks, the bricks absorb moisture more readily during rains. Now when the weather improves, bricks can’t dry up freely from all sides because of hard imporous mortar surrounding. This water retained in the blocks weakens them. Further, if there’s extreme cold, freezing and thawing will cause the bricks to split and break, which can be catastrophic. If we have a weaker mortar, water will take a path, thought it.

So, you need a weaker bond and stronger brick so as to protect the bricks from failing rather than the mortar because it will be more catastrophic and expensive.

Seth Morgan
Construction Superintendent

Brick and brick bond both should have the same strength.

Because if brick is weak, then brick bond at that time, brick is collapse, and structure cannot remain in stable condition.

And if a brick bond is stronger than brick at that time brick bond are collapse and brick remain without bonding. So structure cannot remain in stable condition.

So we required brick and brick bonds have the same strength to make a durable structure.

Peter Smith
Heating and ventilation engineer

To make the brick masonry in stable manner and make it durable,Brick and brick bond should both have the same strength.Because

-if brick is weak than brick bond at that time, brick will collapse, and structure cannot remain in stable condition.

– if a brick bond is stronger than brick at that time brick bond will collapse and brick remain unaffected. So structure cannot remain in stable condition.

It depends upon the manufacturing process of bricks. But cement concrete brick is the strongest brick because of use of cement.mostly which type of brake is avoided due to its heavyweight and high cost. AAC blocks are widely used nowadays.

For a one brick wall, header brick bond is the strongest bond because of the alternate stretcher and header course used. the loads are equally distributed and the bricks are completely placed over each other which transfers the upcoming load on adjacent bricks.

Theodore Ray
Planning and development surveyor

Brick and brick bond both should have good strength. But brick should be more stronger rather than brick bond.