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Zack Wheeler
Estates manager
Asked a question 2 years ago

Which are the materials used for making scaffolding?

Which are the materials used for making scaffolding? and which one is better?

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Flenn Hale
Construction Manager

Commonly used materials for scaffolding are

Steel Aluminium Wood(Logs and Ledgers)

Raul Jimenez
Senior Project Manager

Plywood with wooden Doca H beams. Steel plates Aluform which uses aluminium frames and various nut assemblies For underground works, PECAFORM. For various assemblies like U Jack, tie rod, tie nuts, scaffoldings, stair tower aluminium and steel is used depending on requirement. Where strength is main priority steel is used and in case of lightweight assembly like scaffoldings for work platforms, aluminium can be used.


Wooden Planks And Plates. Playboards Steel Sheets, Make sure it is mild GI or corrugated sheets Require Scaffolding of wooden ballies Scaffolding of Metal Frames Scaffolding of Bamboos

Which are the materials used for making scaffolding?



( as per IS 3696-Part-1(1987)

A temporary structure which is constructed on the outside of a building for workmen.

The best material used for making scaffolding is Steel among aluminum and wood.

Construction materials required for making scaffolding:

  • Steel pipe
  • Ladder jacks
  • Roof brackets
  • Pump Jack
  • Windows Jack
  • Crawling boards
  • Step Jack
  • Platform
  • Single point adjustable suspension
  • Two point adjustable suspension
  • Repair bracket scaffold
  • Stits