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Bryan Stanley
Design Engineering
Asked a question 2 years ago

Which are the factor that affect Permeability of Soil ?

Which are the factor that affects the Permeability of Soil?

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Permeability of soil is an important property of soil study as a civil engineering point of view.

Permeability of a soil is the property to allow water to pass from a series of pores.

Following are some factors which affect the permeability

  1. Shape and size of the soil particles
  2. Temperature and climatic conditions
  3. Degree of saturation of soil
  4. The specific surface area of the particles present in the soil
  5. Void ratio of soil
  6. Properties of water absorption
  7. Nature of soil
  8. Mechanical properties of soil
  9. Characteristics of expansion and contraction

But I recommend you to read details about all the above properties from the article:

Raul Jimenez
Senior Project Manager

permeability of soil is property of soil that soil allows to water flow pass through soil media.

Which are the factor that affect Permeability of Soil ?

factor affecting of soil permeability is

  1. soil partical size
  2. soil partical charge
  3. liquid viscosity
  4. tempreture
  5. soil structure like disperse, flocculated, single grain etc
  6. degree of saturation
  7. shape of partical
  8. soil stratification (layer is perpendicular or parallel to permeability of soil path)