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Craig Mason
Engineering Manager
Asked a question 2 years ago

Which are the best companies to work with as environmental engineers?

Which are the best companies to work with as environmental engineers?

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After a master’s in environmental engineering, the possibilities of earning and exploring their skills tend to increases.

following are the top 5 companies across the globe which provides the best environment for environmental engineers,

  1. AECOM Technology Corporation: full name is architecture Engineering consulting operations and maintenance Technology corporation. Majorly this company undertake the projects regarding water engineering and transportation.
  2. CH2M: this company established in 1946 and deals with the area including water renewable energy new technologies environmental friendly design construction and project management services.
  3. HDR: this company deals with large projects like waterways d, reservoir etc.
  4. Jacobs engineering group: this is a global player for construction companies and has multiple offices across the globe with commercial as well as government clients. This company deals with architectural and Technology based construction that is a smart city, town planning, solar field, solar farming etc.
  5. Bechtel: this company works across 160 countries in all continents. Majorly deals with project management and the environmental friendly seat is with providing a wide range of environmental cleanup projects, infrastructure and waterworks.

List of Top 10 Companies in India work with environmental engineers

1.Aquatech Systems Asia Pvt Ltd

2.Doshion Ltd

3.Earth28 Water Ltd

4.Enviro Analysts & Engineers Pvt Ltd

5.Enviro Control Associates India Pvt Ltd

6.Gujarat Enviro Protection & Infrastructure Ltd

7.Nalco Water India Ltd (Ecolab) 

8.Paramount Ltd 

9.Swelect Energy Systems Ltd

10.WAE Corp Pvt Ltd