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Edgar Cooper
Site engineer
Asked a question 2 years ago

What will be Volume of Concrete for Given Cement Sand and Aggregate Quantity?

Cement volume is 0.25m3, Sand volume is 0.25m3, Coarse aggregate volume is 0.5m3. Concrete grade is M25.(mix proportion is 1:1:2). What will be the concrete volume in m3?

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Ross Kim
Geotechnical engineer

Volume of fully compacted concrete is given by following formula: 


where Vc is the volume of concrete. W, C, Fa and Ca are the masses of water, cement, fine aggregates and coarse aggregates respectively. 

Density of cement = 1500 kg/m3, fine aggregates = 1700 kg/m3 and coarse aggregates = 1650 kg/m3. 

So, Weight of cement C = 0.25 x 1500 = 375kg 

Weight of Fine aggregates Fa = 0.25 x 1700 = 425 kg 

Weight of Coarse aggregates Ca = 0.5 x 1650 = 825 kg 

Consider w/c ratio as 0.45, so weight of water = 0.45x0.25x1000 = 112.5 L or kg 

Sc, Sfa and Sca are the specific weight of cement, fine aggregates and coarse aggregates which are 3.15 for cement and 2.6 for fine and coarse aggregates. 

Therefore, putting these values in the formula above, we get Vc = (112.5/1000)+(375/(1000x3.15))+(425/(1000x2.6))+(825/(1000x2.6)) = 0.712m3 

So, Volume of concrete = 0.712m3


M25, mix proportion would be- (1:1:2) 




Adding the mix ratios=1+1+2 =4 

VConcrete=1/4* VC+1/4* VS+2/4* Va 


=0.375 m3