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Calvin Ray
Asked a question 2 years ago

What was the percapita water consumption of India in 2019?

What was the actual percapita water consumption of India in 2019?

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Theodore Ray
Planning and development surveyor
What was the percapita water consumption of India in 2019?

Per capita water consumption:

Virtual water refers to the water included in the production of everything we eat, buy and wear.

Following norms are adopted by government of India rural and urban water supply schemes in 2019:

  • Rural- 55 lpcd
  • Towns without sewerage -70 lpcd
  • Cities with sewers- 135 lpcd
  • Megacities with sewers- 150 lpcd

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Raul Jimenez
Senior Project Manager

The per capita demand or per capita consumption is usually calculated for a specific city, area, or village for planning the water requirement of that area and to plan a specific water distribution system accordingly. so coming back to your we generally calculate per capita demand for a specific city for example cities like Mumbai, Kolkata, Banglore, Nagpur, etc

so generally we cannot calculate the water demand for a whole country or nation. instead of that, we calculate the water demand for specific areas.

I’m listing down some percapita demand of some cities in India .Hope it will helpyou in understanding things.

  1. kolkata 116 lpcd
  2. hyderabad 96 lpcd
  3. ahemdabad 95 lpcd
  4. mumbai 90 lpcd
  5. madhurai 88 lpcd
  6. delhi 78 lpcd
  7. kanpur 77 lpcd

(note : per capita demand =current population*water demand/365*100)