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Craig Mason
Engineering Manager
Asked a question 2 years ago

What Type of Reinforcement is used in Prestressing Concrete?

What type of reinforcement used in prestressing concrete? Is it either the standard reinforcement used in conventional RCC structure, or is there any particular type or category of reinforcement for prestressing?

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The combination of prestressed tendons and conventional reinforcement allows prestressed concrete to withstand higher tensile stresses and provides greater resistance to cracking and deformation.
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Raul Jimenez
Senior Project Manager

Hi,   In simple words, there are three major types of reinforcement used in prestressed concrete.

  1. Spalling reinforcement: this type of stresses are generated behind the loaded area of the block which is anchored and this causes a breakaway of concrete surface. 30 dresses include strength incompatibility with all gems ratio and various trajectory stresses.
  2. Equilibrium reinforcement: this reinforcement is used when several anchorages are prestressing loads are applied it on sequentially.
  3. Bursting reinforcement: this refers to used when tensile stresses are induced during operation of prestressing and the maximum amount of bursting stress generated on the stress fracture trees which are concave in shape towards the action of load line. This reinforcement is required to resist that lateral direction tensile forces.
Jayden Adams
Construction Assistant

Thank you for your valuable reply, and I totally understand now about prestressing reinforcement.


The prestressing steel used for prestressed concrete can take the form of

  1. Tendons
  2. Cables
  3. Wires – (Plain wire and Indented Wire)
  4. Strands –(Two-wire, three-wire and seven-wire strand)
  5. Bars

The types of prestressing steel are:

  1. Cold Worked Prestressing steel
  2. Stress-relieving prestressing steel
  3. Strain tempered Prestressing steel

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Difference between Reinforcing Steel and Prestressing Steel

Both R.C.C and Prestressed Concrete employs steel bars or wires in order to sustain tension. But both the types of concrete make use of different steel.

The steel used by R.C.C concrete can be:

  1. Solid Bars with Ribs
  2. Wires
  3. Metal Mesh

The steel used in Prestressed Concrete are wires, strands, solid bars as mentioned above. Prestressed concrete uses high tensile strength steel that is manufactured by increasing the carbon content in steel compared to ordinary mild steel used in R.C.C.

In prestressed concrete, the steel used is tensioned or prestressed. This results in loss of prestress in a range of about 20%. The use of mild steel bars or HYSD bars bring a greater loss than this value. Hence, it is necessary to have high strength tensile bars for prestressed concrete.