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Asked a question 11 months ago

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Zahid Adil Ali
Could you kindly provide some information about using concrete in construction under sea?
Hanif Abdulkarim
Construction project management, Building Information Modeling (BIM), Materials Analyses......
Olusola Ajayi
Structural analysis and design
Geri Soyosa
would you kindly provide some information on how to prepare or build footing foundations formworks.
Geri Soyosa
for class lesson on civil inspections.
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Bruce May
Building services engineer

Hi! Could you please provide some information on FRP panels? I am considering using it in my office building, would it be a good idea?

Wilma Caldwell
Architectural technologist

Are conversation spaces in architecture still in vogue? Can you guys please enlist some of its advantages and disadvantages?


Plz tell about distance b/w two T-Beams iin RcRcc slaslab  , reason of cracks and leakage  in Rcc slab and RBC slab and it's treatment. 

Hi could please provide information on how to prepare and construct footing foundation formworks 

Kindly provide information on structure 

Project management and building information modeling