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Craig Mason
Engineering Manager
Asked a question 2 years ago

What Software are used to Estimate Project Time and Quantity in Construction?

Which softwares can be used for estimation of construction project time and quantity?

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MS Project 2010 or Building Estimation and Costing
Primavera P6
Beside using Ms project or primavera,Using Autodesk Revit with Autodesk mavis work will help you show not only the amount of time and money needed but also the construction sequencing with the amount of time and manpower needed for the construction process.
Steve Mendoza
General practice surveyor
Time Estimation: Actually there are many Softwares out there in the market but the most commonly used in the Indian market are Primavera and MS project for Scheduling and estimation of time required, but the software is not limited to this two, there are many like TILOS which is used widely in Europe, it is more useful for estimation of linear projects like metro and roads. Quantity: In most of the companies the quantity estimation is done in Excel, but there is much other software for quantity estimation, the most common are Revit and Tekla, from which you can directly model your project and take off quantities.
Peter Smith
Heating and ventilation engineer
There are many software's that are used for the estimation purpose, namely- Auto desk Quantity Takeoff Microsoft Excel Sheets
For Project Planning & scheduling ,Time line & approximate Budget of project we can use Microsoft project and Primavera p6.
Raul Jimenez
Senior Project Manager
We can use software like Microsoft Project, Primavera or similar software to estimate the project duration. But you need to have a better understanding of the project management concepts to come across with effective time estimation.
Timmothy Ferguson
Assistant Project Manager
MS project 2010
For the estimation of the project, we need to have CAD drawings opened and simultaneously open XL program. Observe the actual dimensions in Drawing and put in the XL sheet. Feed formulas in xl sheet as per your requirement. For example, concrete values we need cubic units and plastering we need only square units. Go on collecting information from CAD and put in XL sheets.

Primavera P6 

Primavera P6 is the standard project management software tool used worldwide in industries such as Construction, Oil & Gas, Manufacturing, Energy and even IT. While there are lots of project management tools on the market, Primavera P6 shines in being able to manage large and complex projects and to do it well. 

Learning Primavera P6 can have advantages and even lead to a great career in project planning & scheduling. Read-on and learn about about how you can succeed with Primavera P6.

ms project and primavera are the most renowned however there are many softwares to optimize project duration

Ross Kim
Geotechnical engineer

You Can Have Your Answer in this Article, Please Go through It.

The following software are used for estimation and quantity calculation: Auto desk quantity takeoff Auto desk Revit Microsoft excel Tekla Tilos Microsoft's Project Primavera Candy. CostX. Sage Estimating. B2W Estimate. HCSS Heavy bid. ProEst Estimating software. Stack. On-Screen Takeoff

Henry Newman
Water resource engineer
Autodesk NavisWorks