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Craig Mason
Engineering Manager
Asked a question 2 years ago

What Software are used to Estimate Project Time and Quantity in Construction?

Which softwares can be used for estimation of construction project time and quantity?

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Primavera P6
BIM (Building information modeling) is Good software for quantity management. MS PROJECT and PRIMAVERA P6 are the globally accepted software by professionals. An online alternative to this software is the ZOHO project, which also gives realistic results. Some software is as follows: AutoCAD Revit Staadpro CANDY Tekla tiles cost Sage Estimating
Henry Newman
Water resource engineer
Autodesk NavisWorks
Seth Morgan
Construction Superintendent
Microsoft Project and Primavera P6. Primavera P6 provides more functionality.

MS project 2010 Primavera P6 Autodesk NavisWorks Clear Estimates On-Screen Takeoff Sage Estimating BIM (Building information modeling) Candy B2W Estimate CostX Autodesk Quantity takeoff Tekla Revit Zoho Projects HCSS HeavyBid

Ross Kim
Geotechnical engineer

You Can Have Your Answer in this Article, Please Go through It.

Theodore Ray
Planning and development surveyor

Primavera is a Project Management Software, but it cannot be learned effectively by a fresher most of the time. Microsoft Project is also used in Project Management. It also has the same story. 

The suggestion that I would give to fresher students is that they must visit a site or do some internship before you learn this software. These types of software can be learned from professionals and are costly. That is why when someone enrolls in learning this software, they should do it in a very effective and efficient manner.

Morris Baker
Construction Site Safety Manager

You can use any BIM (Building Information Modelling) software for quantities take-off. this will give you very precise results. and this is also a very demanding field to work. the software you can use is Autocad, Revit, Tekla, Slack, etc these are very informative software if you need to just get an idea of the quantity, you can use Autocad only. 

There are other software like CANDY which is dedicated to estimation and quantity survey. 

Coming to Time estimation, there are many project management software that can be used for it the most popular one is MS Project, Primavera P6. If you want an online software you can use Zoho Projects.

Jayden Adams
Construction Assistant
Actually, Some people tend to estimate rather than optimistically and some people tend to estimate rather pessimistically. This is is one of the most difficult questions to answer. First, we have to split the whole project into requirements. Then estimate each requirement by their level of difficulty to implement If you have a hard time deciding between any two numbers pick the bigger one.

The following software are used for estimation and quantity calculation: Auto desk quantity takeoff Auto desk Revit Microsoft excel Tekla Tilos Microsoft's Project Primavera Candy. CostX. Sage Estimating. B2W Estimate. HCSS Heavy bid. ProEst Estimating software. Stack. On-Screen Takeoff

Hunter May
Commercial energy assessor

From my point of view, MS-Project is the best from all other software it gives you a user-friendly interface and easy accessibility

Lillian Holmes
Director of Public Works
Wilma Caldwell
Architectural technologist
BIM 360 and MS Projects 2010 are Top Construction Project Management Software
Kent Welch
Planning and development surveyor

Autodesk quantity takeoff , ms project and primavera P6 were the softwares used majorly in estimation

ms project and primavera are the most renowned however there are many softwares to optimize project duration