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Craig Mason
Engineering Manager
Asked a question 2 years ago

What shall be the spacing for core cutter sample for dry density determination for each layer while constructing long embankment?

While constructing long embankment (appx 4 km) in multiple layers of 300mm depth, what shall be spacing of core cutter samples to ensure adequate dry density measurement.

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Hi, There are not any specific criteria for the spacing of sample taken, and the decision is purely based upon site civil engineers and various criteria of soils and on observations. if you found soil which is less compacted or even is created then take samples for observation and check the bulk density of soil and moisture content. Please refer to the following article for details about core cutter method and its applications: Link:

Dry density by using a core cutter method:

The dry density of soil can be determined with the help of the core cutter method.

Because of change in the moisture content from time to time that’s why there is a change in the field density as well Hence it is essential to record the test results in terms of dry density.

Bulk density and water content required for calculating the dry density of soil using the core cutter method.

There is no specification given in the IS Code regarding the spacing of the core cutter apparatus for finding out the dry density value accurately.

Thank you.

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