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Wendy Cai
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What problems should be paid attention to in the design of steel structure gas station canopy?

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petrol station canopy
petrol station canopy

In recent years, the number of steel structure gas stations is increasing gradually. If the frequency of gas stations is in bad weather conditions, if there are irregularities in the design and construction, there will be different degrees of safety accidents, especially in the production of gas station shed. Most of the production of petrol station canopy2 is made of steel structure material. Here, some common problems in the design, construction and use of the steel structure of the shed are analyzed and summarized, so as to provide reference for the management and use of the shed in the future.  

 1. The bar specification selection is unqualified, and there are over-stress bars and over-slenderness ratio bars. Bar size selection is not reasonable, the space frame size is larger, but chooses small bar specification, but what if the effect is larger, can find damage to stress bar and cause structural failure, and slenderness ratio overrun? we suggest that the out-of-plane stability of the bar can not meet the design requirements, prone to failure.

 2. The bearing form and force do not meet the actual specification requirements, bearing is the main point of the gas station canopy; its bearing capacity has an important impact on the bearing capacity of the canopy. If the form and force of the support do not meet the requirements of the design specification, the bearing capacity of the support will get worse. There are safety risks. 

 3.The arrangement of rods does not meet the technical requirements that rods should form geometric invariant system in the design code. According to the investigation, some rods around the cover of many gas stations have not formed geometric invariant system, and they can be put into use after they need to be added to form a stable system.

 4. The material used in the production of the gas station canopy2 does not meet the product standard. For the construction of the gas station, the variety, specification and performance of the steel should meet the national product standard and design requirements. 

Fasi Ur Rahman
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