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Daniel Kelley
Junior Civil Engineer
Asked a question 2 years ago

What Materials can be used as Fine Aggregate Replacement in Concrete?

What are the materials that can be used as replacement for fine aggregates in Concrete?

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Pumice, Rice husk, Manufactured sand, Slag sand, Powdered glass, Fly ash, Quarry dust, Processed Crushed rock fines, Mersey silt, Sugarcane bagasse ash, Groundnut shell, Cork, Tobacco waste. 

Understand the role of aggregate in concrete, 

  • It should be strong enough (at least stronger than the concrete you want) - weakest phase material
  • Its chemistry should not be very reactive - durability and dimensional stability perspective.
  • Size and shape should accommodate for rheology and hardened state properties of concrete
  • Should cater to early age properties of concrete by providing adequate resistance against shrinkage.

Practically, anything from furnace bottom ash to lightweight pumice can be used as aggregate - it depends on what the specifications for concrete are.

It depends the nearby availability of replaceable materials as fine aggregate. Like rise husk fly ash agri waste river sand GGBS Recycled crushed aggregate Crushed stone crushed bricks