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Soham Ortiz
Field Engineer
Asked a question 2 years ago

What is the role and scope of Artificial Intelligence in the field of Civil Engineering?

What is the role of artificial intelligence, machine learning and deep learning in the field of civil engineering construction equipment and construction machinery? What is the scope of artificial intelligence and the growth of artificial intelligence in civil engineering?

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Theodore Ray
Planning and development surveyor

that is a great question.

well in a very shot manner you can use that AI in lean well as you can implement it in BIM world, Some time you can use this AI tools in Management level in construction field for visualization problem.

For using robot in construction or civil engineering field AI can control that robot.

AI also helps in development of robots and automated systems. role of artificial intelligence is reported in the case of smart materials. The smart system refers to a device which can sense changes in its environment and can make an optimal response by changing its material properties, geometry. Both the sensor and the actuator functions with their appropriate feedback must be properly integrated

Structural Engineering - In the field of structural engineering, they are used to evaluate durability. Not only the smart materials or structures are restricted to sensing but also they adapt to their surrounding environment such as the ability to move, vibrate and demonstrate various other responses as well as for monitoring the integrity of bridges, dams, offshore oil-drilling towers where fiber-optic sensors embedded in the structures are utilized to identify the trouble areas. Waste management - Manual disassembly of the waste is a challenging, expensive and time consuming task but the use of smart materials could help to automate the process. Even it shows a role in food waste management. Concrete mix design – Concrete mix design is difficult and sensitive. The concrete mix design is based on the principles of workability of fresh concrete, desired strength and durability of hardened concrete which in turn is governed by water-cement ratio law. The strength of the concrete is determined by the characteristics of the mortar, coarse aggregate, and the interface. For the same quality mortar, different types of coarse aggregate with different shape, texture, mineralogy, and strength may result in different concrete strengths. Estimation: artificial neural networks (ANNs) are most suited for developing decision aids with analogy-based problem-solving capabilities in the estimation.

As well as you can use AI in your network system that can be

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