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Manuel Mason
Purchasing Coordinator
Asked a question 2 years ago

What is the Procedure for Foundation Construction of a Building?

What is the step by step procedure for construction of foundation for a building? How the foundation construction is carried out at site?

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Mike Rhodes
Land and property valuer and auctioneer

I would like to add more information to the above comments, Before starting the construction of the foundation, it must be better to select a proper Foundation for the type of soil. Foundation selection criteria depend upon the following factors:

Structure of Loads Bearing capacity of soil Type of soil-Clay, Peat, silt, sand and gravel, Rock Loam, Overburden soil, forest soil, Ease of construction Level of the water table Slopes, adjoining structures Types of climatic condition, the occurrence of natural disasters The design must be economical.

For detail information, please look at the article Foundation is a bottom structure of a building that transfers loads or gravity loads to the ground surface. Generally, categorized into two types:

Shallow Deep foundation

For multi-story building deep foundation is used to provide stability. Briefly, foundation constructed in 7 steps

Select a particular site. Investigate the type of soil and provide a Foundation according to that. Soil plays an important role in the foundation so check its bearing capacity. For loose strata provide raft Foundation or pile Foundation from hard starts. Make a survey of the site. Locate the coronavirus of that place soph entire Foundation can be formed. make available all the machines for taking and carry out 2 steps. Install the footing. Used ready mix concrete for best result it. How to avoid forming of moisture seal the footing. Start building a wall. Masons will start a wall from the corner of the foundation which is also called Leads. Make a round of Sealer to avoid to keep moisture resist.

Step by Step procedure for construction of building foundation on an organised construction site can be as below:

  1. First step is to write a method statement involving scope of work, references, count and type equipments and labour required and requirements . 
  2. Ensure you have approved drawings good for construction 
  3. Prepare BBS for foundations and order reinforcement and ensure materials are on site and correctly stored. 
  4. Request survey department to mark foundation centrelines and sizes including working space. 
  5. Perform excavation manually or using machines depending on depth, nature of soil and water table. Some time you may to resort to dewatring to keep the water well below the foundation level. 
  6. Do not over excavate . Any over excavation should be made top by lean concrete. 
  7. Do not expose the foundation level for long time time. Ensure lean concrete is poured as soon as foundation level is reached . 
  8. Inspect the foundation level for loose material or soft patches. 
  9. Lean concrete is normally 75mm in thickness 
  10. Following PCC or lean concrete, install reinforcement including column reinforcement or dowels and shutter the foundation. Use concrete covers of required size at the bottom and sides of reinforcement. 
  11. In Middle East they introduce waterproof membranes ( refer: Grace Products)on lean concrete which raps the entire foundation as protection ( also known as tanking) 
  12. Once the rebar is in place , with cover you need dust off and get the foundation inspected. 
  13. Concrete Pour Card provides you all the checks you need to perform before casting foundations. 
  14. You order correct grade concrete + check slump+temperature before concrete is allowed to be poured. 
  15. Compact the concrete in layers using vibrators without leading to segregation. 
  16. Cast the cubes to test at 7 and 28 days 
  17. Cure the cast concrete for minimum of 10 days if it is wet curing 
  18. Deshuttering of vertical faces is normally 24 hour to 48 hours. 
  19. Once deshuttered and cured foundation is provided with coating or membrane protection. 
  20. Finally foundations are backfilled by selected approved fill material in layers of 200mm or less to 95% degree.

Hope this helps.

Please look at the article : Construction of Foundation  - Depth, Width, Layout and Excavation