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Soham Ortiz
Field Engineer
Asked a question 2 years ago

What is the need of Soil Testing before Construction?

What is the need of Soil Testing before Construction?

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It is necessary to check the nature of the soil before you build your dream home. The ground where you are wanting to build your dream home, it is necessary to check the soil nature of it before starting construction work.

Soil testing is first done to test the bearing capacity of the soil. The physical and chemical configuration of the soil is checked during this process. The soil must be able to withstand the load of the structure. The nature of soil decides the bearing limit as well as guarantees to decide the structural adjustment. The nature of soil relies on different factors, for example, climate, environmental change and for as far back as years the land was sent for what reason and what was there before.

The length and depth of the footing are decided during the foundation relying on the nature of the soil. The water level of the soil can only be resolved from soil testing. In light of the soil testing results, the nature of the material can be chosen. For instance, because of dampness the zone is lead to corrosion, at that point it is essential to pick just corrosion safe TMT Bars for the construction.

A soil test is a very significant step in construction before it starts. If the soil testing isn’t done, at that point the structure will be presented to various failures and the final result could be lethal.

Types of Soil Testing for Construction

Gravity Test

Moisture Test

Atterberg Limits Test

  • Liquid Limit
  • Plastic Limit
  • Shrinkage Limit

Dry Density Test

  • Core Cutter Method
  • Sand Replacement Method

Proctor’s Compaction Test