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Arnold Shelton
Management consultant
Asked a question 2 years ago

What is the meaning of fluxes in hydrology?

What is the meaning of fluxes in hydrology?

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Kent Welch
Planning and development surveyor

Fluxes mean inflow- outflow water relationship.

Basically fluxes term use in groundwater study. In order to define the water balance or water budget of an aquifer system of soil strata, the individual processes that bring water into or the liftoff of the system must be quantified.

Groundwater Inflow due to

  • Infiltration of rain water
  • Ground water flow
  • Surrounding seepage

GroundwaterOutflow due to

  • Due to irrigation pumping
  • Due to evaporation and transpiration
  • Groundwater meet to sea water
  • Groundwater passed to string and it lost.