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Raul Jimenez
Senior Project Manager
Asked a question 2 years ago

What is the life span of the Statue of Unity?

What is the life span of the Statue of Unity?

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What is the life span of the Statue of Unity?

The lifespan of Statue of Unity :

Aditya, you are asking one of the interesting questions.

Before directly jump to your answer, it’s my responsibility to give some introduction part about Statue of Unity. Have a look.

Introduction about Statue of Unity :

The Statue of Unity is a Colossal statue of Indian statesman  and one of the most Independence activist, none other than Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel

Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel was the first Deputy Prime Minister and Home Minister of independent India.

The lifespan of Statue of Unity is made about 1000 years.

Location of Statue of Unity :

Statue of Unity in India to be built at the Sadhu bet Island in Narmada district of Gujarat.

Mike Rhodes
Land and property valuer and auctioneer

Because of the non-rusting materials used in the statue, it’ll live up to 1000yrs life span with everlasting eco-friendly advanced material stainless steel.

In this statue of Sardar Vallabh Bhai Patel, four metals have been used, in which there will be no rust for years. Eighty-five percent of copper has been used in the statue.