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Vernon Mitchell
Construction labourer
Asked a question 2 years ago

What is the Life Span of a Building?

What is the life span of a building without any defects and any complaint?

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Timmothy Ferguson
Assistant Project Manager

According to the recent colloquium at the Getty Center, the average life span of a conventionally built building (masonry and wood) is about 120 years. But for modernist buildings (reinforced concrete and glass curtain wall) it's half that ; 60 years. Hence the life span of buildings also depends upon various factors like weathering conditions, materials used for construction, soil condition, etc.

Terry Collins
Sustainability consultant

Well, It depends on a lot of factors including external weather conditions and property and quality of building materials used.

If you are particular about concrete, creep plays a major role. The amount and strength of steel reinforcement and concrete is also very important. The corrosion of steel reinforcements drastically reduces life span.

So without specifications, it would be hard to give an estimate for a life span.

But generally, the age is estimated as 65 to 70 years.

Types of structures and their life span:

  1. Historical structures (temples, etc) – 500-1000 yrs
  2. Steel structures – 100-150yrs
  3. Concrete structures – 100yrs
  4. Personal or commercial bldgs – 60-80yrs
  5. Rigid roads – 30-35yrs
  6. Flexible roads – 8-10yrs
Manuel Mason
Purchasing Coordinator

The life span of the building depends on the type of structure.

Multipurpose dam projects have 150 years of life. Road and building have 50 to 75-year experience.

Life of buildings or any structures depend on

It's important Design philosophy Type of material used in structure Climate condition Location Repair aur maintenance period earthquake zone etc

The life span of a building may vary from 50-80 years depending, but only if it is maintained properly, otherwise if it is not maintained properly, then there is a very high possibility that may start arising from early years in between 20-25 years.

The life span of a building generally depends on geographical location, and it is different in country wise. Here I explain the life span of the building and their components in India are as below:

The average life span of a concrete building is 75 to 100 years. the lifespan of building the componentwise table is attached below:

What is the Life Span of a Building?


The lifespan of Concrete Building Component wise

The life span of the building is the designed period or the expected time period without having any defects after completion of the project.