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Seth Morgan
Construction Superintendent
Asked a question 2 years ago

What is the function of geogrid in supporting slopes with shotcrete?

What is the function of geogrid in supporting slopes with shotcrete?

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Wilma Caldwell
Architectural technologist

Geogrid is reinforcing geosynthetic material used for soils and subsoil. It makes soil strong in tension and avoids landslides. Following are some commonly used geogrid materials:

Geogrid made from polyester Geogrid made from polyvinyl alcohol, polyethene, polypropylene.

Short create is a term used for both dry mixed and wet mixed version of concrete. It is ejected from the nozzle of the shortcrete machine to the welded wire mesh. So it automatically compacted and consolidated due to the force applied. Shortcrete is also known as sprayed concrete.

Geogrids are used to reinforce soil to increase its tensile strength, and hence transfer forces to larger areas of the soil. The geogrid application are retaining walls, steepened slopes, bridge abutments, embankments, and subbase below roads.

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The purpose of welded wire mesh in shotcrete is to increase tensile strength and structural support.

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