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Manuel Mason
Purchasing Coordinator
Asked a question 2 years ago

What is the Difference between Screed Concrete and Brick Bat Coba Waterproofing?

What is the difference between screed concrete and brickbat coba waterproofing? Which is the best of both?

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Brickbat Coba waterproofing is an effective way of providing waterproofing and insulation for thermal comfort for flat RCC roofs to prevent leakage of water.

It is one of the oldest procedures of waterproofing, which consists of laying brickbats on the flat RCC roof and grouting the same with waterproofing compound with a slope to drain the surface water.

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Concrete screed is a construction element laid in a range of thicknesses whose purpose is to bring the installation surface of the concrete flooring to the design height and to provide a surface suitable for installing the specified flooring.

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