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Soham Ortiz
Field Engineer
Asked a question 2 years ago

What is the difference between a Mansion and a Duplex?

What is the difference between a mansion and a duplex?

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Mansion & Duplex :


  • It is a large dwelling house (usually block or flat), including luxurious facilities like yards, swimming pools, orchards, terraces, garages, walkways, rooms, halls, separate lavatories, etc.
  • It is mostly located in the outside area of the city.

Duplex :

  • It is simply a multi-family home that doesn’t have a limitation on size, but it’s a house made up of two visually separate sections having a common wall.
  • It also has two separate entrances for each unit & an apartment with portions on two floors joined by a staircase is also known as a duplex.
Terry Collins
Sustainability consultant

Here is the difference between a Mansion and a Duplex ;

 MANSION :- A Mansion is the large dwelling house. It consists of all the facilities. They are also known as luxurious flat usually built for wealthy family. 

DUPLEX :- A duplex is two residential housing units in one under the very same roof along with a huge wall dividing the first unit from the second (house one divided by house two).

Wilma Caldwell
Architectural technologist

Hi Soham,

  • Mansion

In a designer look with private swimming pools, landscaped surrounding greens and terraces, double-height patios, private elevators, and sun decks if the project is undertaken by the builders of high repute. A bungalow expresses a bit traditional kind of living space while luxury villas are being given a series of high-end modern facilities. Indian bungalows are different from villas and are mostly the properties coming to an heir from his ancestors. While villas are built in pre-demarcated plots; bungalows are completely detached houses that are built on an independent land. The owner bears the responsibility to develop the property in case of bungalow; while a villa can be called a representation of modern community living. In the present times, villas are given the garb of gated communities to offer enhanced security to the dwellers.

  • Duplex Houses Duplex houses are anytime cheaper than bungalows and luxury villas. The owner can only remodel the whole construction but within the given confines of the space.The property is developed in a small stretch of land and has no scope to grow further.

A mansion is a huge house generally including lavish facilities like swimming pools, yards, orchards, garages, terraces, walkways, halls, rooms, separate lavatories, servant quarters, etc. They're mostly located on the outskirts away from the hustle-bustle and close to nature.

A duplex on the other hand doesn't really have a restraint on size but it's a house made up of two visually separate sections having a common wall. Sometimes, an apartment with portions on two floors joined by a staircase is also called a duplex.

Lillian Holmes
Director of Public Works

The main difference between a mansion and a duplex is that:

MANISON: A large house or building usually build for the wealthy individual or a family.

A DUPLEX: A small or medium-size house made up of two dwelling units or parts. It may also be in two directions also.