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Bryan Stanley
Design Engineering
Asked a question 2 years ago

What is the Beam and Column Junction reinforcement details?

What is the Beam and Column Junction reinforcement details?

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Seth Morgan
Construction Superintendent


In simple words, detailing of composed mint is necessary for the structural steel and also for 10 force concrete structures to attend strength and durability. The figure is attached with shows the joining details of beams and columns.

The main parts of them should be cracked near the columns and the length. It is in the ratio of 1:4. Any other cases the beam re pass must not pass from the column rebars outer surface which comprises the concrete cover.

Instead of detailing the above different detailings are the wind for rehabilitation and strengthening the damaged elements.

Beam and column Junction to reinforcement detail:

  • Reinforcement detailing is necessary not only for the steel structures but also for RCC structures( sense it is the translation of all mathematical expression’s and equations’s results)
  • For RCC members for most commonly used for building we can divide the detailing for slab with or without openings( rectangular, circular, non- rectangular, Pyramid slab, triangular, balcony slab, loft slab, corner slab,etc.)
  • Beams- With or without opening .(shallow and deep beams)
  • Columns- Rectangular, I-shape, t-shape, circular, octagonal, cross shape,etc
  • Detailing for Gravity loads is different from the lateral loads specially for the seismic forces.
  • Apart from the detailing for the above there is a different detailing required for the rehabilitation and strengthening of damaged structures

Dear Bryan,

The typical joining details at the junction of Column and beam is as shown as in the attached figure.

The beam main bars shall be cranked near the columns and the crank length shall be 1: 4.

In any case, the beam rebars shall not be passed from the outer of the column rebars which will compromise with the covers of the concrete.

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