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Craig Mason
Engineering Manager
Asked a question 2 years ago

What is Supersaturated in Soil?

What is Supersaturated in Soil?

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What is Supersaturated in Soil?

when the soil reaches maximum water content is saturated soil. then add more water to saturated soil it will either drain down or turn the soil into the mud. when the water content greater than the shrinkage limit then the soil is supersaturated soil

Basically in soil there is 3 part

  1. Solids partical
  2. Air
  3. Water

When water added to soil, at that time soil become saturated. And when air contain replace by water and soil become fully saturated at that time soil have two part one is water and one is solid partical.

If we add more water than fully saturation, hence saturation of soil is 100% or more than that, is called the supersaturated stage.

Water content more than shrinkage limit called supersaturated stage

If the water content exceeds the shrinkage limit of the soil, then it's in supersaturated condition.