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Henry Newman
Water resource engineer
Asked a question 2 years ago

What is SOR? Which department publishes SOR?

What is SOR? Which department publishes SOR?

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The schedule of rates provides a basic frame work to evaluate cost estimate of the projects. In the process of project costing based on this schedule of rates, the additional cost involved in carriage of materials from approved sources to site of work shall be added to arrive at the actual execution cost.

Central Public Works Department publishes SOR.

Hunter May
Commercial energy assessor

Schedule of Rates(SOR):

Actually, the schedule of rates is not mandatory, and it’s only to explain the basic rates. The market rate can be a little different.

District Schedule of Rates(DSR) is also known as Schedule of Rates(SOR).

District Schedule of Rates is a document released by the public work departments for every district.

District Schedule of Rates consists of many tables for different activities in construction like concreting, earthwork, steelwork.

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Timmothy Ferguson
Assistant Project Manager

SOR – Schedule of rates

Generally, the cost of a building depends on two things:

  1. Quantity of items inside the building and their cost.
  2. Market rates off the building and land.

The rates for various types of work may vary from place to place and it depends upon the human resource of that area and demand of owner.

Example. If the owner wants a chair. Then first ensure the material used for the manufacture of chairs, that is plastic or metal. Then finalize the rates and compare the durability and all other things related to the chairs.

This type of analysis is in under schedule of rates( SOR).

SOR, i.e., Schedule of Rates, also known as DSR, i.e., District Schedule of Rates. It is a document released by Public Works Departments for every district. It consists of many tables for different activities in construction, such as Concreting, Earthwork, Steelwork, etc. and there different methods and the resources used for that activity and its cost. You will also get an overall price for the activity per unit. The schedule of rates also includes different types of machinery and equipments used and its cost if it is being used in that district.

Note: SOR is not mandatory. It is just to explain the basic rates. The market rate can be a little different from them for any resource.

The following is a screenshot from SOR Delhi for concreting activity with 1:1.5:3 below the plinth level. For a clear understanding.

What is SOR? Which department publishes SOR?

You can very easily download SOR for any district from the internet.

Schedule Of Rates (SOR) is a list of rates of various items after the analysis of them. These rates are finalized by govt body like Central Public Works Division (CPWD). It is very helpful especially in the preparation of estimates, wages of laborers, etc. Also deciding the rates of extra items added by the contractor. Generally, a clause in the conditions of contract is included, saying that, any extra item included during construction should be paid as per SOR.

It consists of rates of various items such as demolishing items, excavation items, concrete items, RCC works, brickwork items, etc. and also information regarding the present wages of labor and prices of different items.

The SOR is renewed or updated nearly every year bcoz of the changes in the various rates.

It consists of basic rates of more than 2500 items and finished rates of more than 3000 items.

It is prepared for all the civil, electrical, and mechanical dept’s.