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Calvin Ray
Asked a question last year

What is Short Bracket Structural System?

What is a short bracket structural system and why we use it?

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Manuel Mason
Purchasing Coordinator


In simple words, A short bracket is a material of architecture, it may be decorative for a structural member. It is made up of stone plaster metal wood or any other substance.

Uses of the short bracket structure

Short brackets are used as a supporting element in the parapet, balcony, corner of walls, beams arches, pergola roofs etc. It is an element also used for holding a statue. In modern construction is used for supporting a facade cladding systems on the outside and inside panels of buildings. some of the short bracket structures are only used to give an aesthetic look and for ornamental purposes.

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Terry Collins
Sustainability consultant

A bracket is one of the architectural elements. A bracket can be made of wood stone plastometal or other media. A bracket and protects from a wall usually to carry in faith and sometimes it straighten an angle. A corbel is one of the types of brackets. Brackets vary widely according to the shape but a prototype of a bracket is the L-shaped metal piece that is attached to a smaller component of the wall. Brackets can support many architectural items including a wall, balcony, properties, and spring of an arch, window box.

Ricardo Kuhn
Construction Foreman

Here, bracket is also known as one of an architectural element. It can also be made of wood, stone, plaster, metal and other media. It projects from a wall, usually to carry weight and sometimes to strengthen an angle. 

The type of bracket is console or corbel. Brackets are used to support many architectural items, including a wall, balcony, parapets, eaves, the spring of an arch, beam, pergola roof, window box, or a shelf. Brackets are also an element in the systems used to mount modern facade cladding systems onto the outside of the contemporary buildings as well as interior panels.

Hi, In technical terms, the bracket is one of the overhanging members that enable projects from structures i.e walls, and are usually designed to support a vertical type of load or to any angle of strengthening.


brackets can structural atoms like walls balconies parapets, eaves arches, pergola, etc. In ancient days brackets are being developed a structural manner to give it a decorative purpose and in parallel used for support. In many ancient temples, sculptures of gods are decorated on bracket frames which are located on the exterior of walls. I mentioned this in a previous comment. The brackets are may be made up of stone, wood, steel I, cement, etc.