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Calvin Ray
Asked a question 2 years ago

What is Reinforced Soil?

What is Reinforced Soil? State it's advantages and disadvantages?

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Reinforced soil:

Meaning of Reinforced soil: Reinforced soil is simply a combination of compacted earth fill with the tensile reinforcement for creating an earth structure. 

Advantages of reinforced soil:

  • Less quantity of earth fill is required.
  • The construction can be directly done on the soft ground.
  • The structures can be quickly built as compared to any other conventional method.

Limitations of reinforced soil:

  • One of the biggest doubts about reinforcing soil is its durability.

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Timmothy Ferguson
Assistant Project Manager

Reinforced soil is a combination of the compacted soil with tensile reinforcement to creat earth structure.

Advantage of reinforced soil:-

1. On soft ground the construction will be done directly.

2. Earth filling quantity needed is smaller.

3. The land take required is reduce by steeper embarkment slopes.

Disadvantage of reinforced soil:-

1. Issue of durability and long time performance of reinforcing material.

2. Under the UV rays polymeric materials are degrade and it can be damaged by rough handling on site.

Reinforced earth is a technique to retain earth in fills where the end walls in panels are retained through the friction created by the reinforcement in various layers upto height of 5 metres in the embankment approaches of flyovers and other similar places.