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Terry Collins
Sustainability consultant
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What is Reinforced Brick Masonry?

What is Reinforced Brick Masonry? Explain the method of construction.

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What is Reinforced Brick Masonry?

Reinforced brick masonry

(R.B. Masonry) :


Composite structural material that consists of load-bearing brickwork masonry with reinforcement.

Important parameter regarding reinforced brick masonry:

  • A suitable length of metal (usually it is steel) is inserted in brickwork for proper bond formation.
  • Appropriate formation of the bond is essential because to render the resultant composite capable of resisting not only the compressive stresses but also the tensile and shear stresses which can obtain in a structure.

Construction materials needed :

  • First-class brick
  • Reinforcement (Wrought iron, flat bar, Steel meshes)
  • Cement mortar (1 : 3)

Applications of reinforced brick masonry :

  • It is used in columns and piers
  • In brick arches, reinforced brickwork is preferred
  • Nowadays, reinforced brickwork is used in brick slab
  • It is also used in reinforced beam

Advantages of reinforced brick masonry over conventional brick masonry :

  • Lower cost housing
  • Reinforced brick masonry plays an important role during an earthquake
  • Lowest labour cost
  • It gives weather protection
  • It is cheaply supervised
  • It provides additional strength to our structure

Reinforced brick masonry have higher ductility and stiffness than ordinary masonry work.

Basically hollow brick is used in reinforces brick masonry, and reinforcement bars are provided in the hole of the block (that bar are in the vertical direction). And another reinforcement wire is provided horizontally in between upper and lower course of brick masonry.

After construction of reinforcing brick masonry, we should provide a plaster of a minimum total thickness of 15 mm to protect the reinforcement bar from weathering action.

What is Reinforced Brick Masonry?
Theodore Ray
Planning and development surveyor

Reinforced Brick Masonry consists of brick masonry, which incorporates steel reinforcement embedded in mortar. This masonry has increased resistance to forces that they produce tensile and shear stress.