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Calvin Ray
Asked a question 2 years ago

What is Prepack Concrete?

What is Prepack Concrete? and where it is used?

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Jerry Henry
Architectural technician

Pre pack concrete is a method that is similar to the tremie method, and that is used when the ‘tremie method’ and ‘bottom-dump bucket method’ is not feasible.

It is a method of placing a conventional concrete at where massive reinforcement are there at where pipe, opening arrangements are complicated.

It is used in mass concreting like piers and well steining etc.

Well, pre-pack concrete is not exactly the correct term. Either you’re talking about pre-mixed (prepackaged) concrete or preplaced aggregate concrete. Both of them are often confused as pre-pack concrete.

Pre-mixed or prepackaged concrete is a mixture of the exact amount of materials, including coarse and fine aggregates, cement, and dry admixtures with a specific mix design ready and packed in a bag. You open the bag, empty the contents, add the specified volume of water, mix it, and apply.

Preplaced aggregate concreting is a method where reinforcement and coarse aggregates are already put in the formwork. The formwork is filled with grout (mortar) with the use of pipes or tremies.

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