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Dennis Holt
Entry level engineer
Asked a question 2 years ago

What is Pickup Weir Structure?

What is Pickup Weir Structure? Why its call pickup? Where it is use?

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Theodore Ray
Planning and development surveyor

Weirs are fixed barriers across a river or stream that force water to flow over their tops, where the height of the water above the weir can be used to calculate flow.

Primarily pickup weir doesnt have any reservoir to store water, its simply a wall of obstruction over that surplus water flows. Its created of concrete, rocks or composite materials. Whereas barrage may be a structure used on impede water course manufactured from steel gates.

Pickup Weir is weir used for special purposes i.e., picking up water from the main reservoir/dam for raising the water. Generally constructed on d/s(downstream) side few kilometers away from the main dam(or weir or barrage)
* Main purposes:
– Raising water level for diverting water
to canal headworks in case where no
chances available for construction of
canal headworks.
– Raising water level for NAVIGATION
– Raising water level for HYDROPOWER
– for Reduction in ideal canal length where
command area is far away from the
reservoir of the main dam.