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Soham Ortiz
Field Engineer
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What is Particulate Matter 10 (PM 10) in Air?

What is Particulate Matter 10 (PM 10) in Air? How is it Measured?

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PM10 is particulate matter present in the air, which is 10 microns or less in size (diameter). It remains suspended in the air and is very inhalable. Toxic levels in the air can cause serious health problems.

It’s mostly made up of solids and aerosols composed of small droplets of liquid, dry solid fragments, and solid cores with liquid fragments.

For measurements, you can refer to the following link. I found it comprehensive :

How to detect, collect and analyse aerosol particles.11

What is Particulate Matter 10 (PM 10) in Air?

The long-form of PM 10- Particulate matter 10

It is a total suspended particles present in the air that indicated air pollution. These are the particle less than 10 micrometers in size.


  1. Dust from the boundary of roads.
  2. Smoke from industries.
  3. Burning of fuel in vehicles


  1. Asthma
  2. Respiratory problems
  3. Nausea
  4. Lung problems
  5. Eye irritation

There are two types of particulate matter

  • PM 10
  • PM 2.5
Raul Jimenez
Senior Project Manager
What is Particulate Matter 10 (PM 10) in Air?

Particulate matter 10 in the air:

Meaning of particulate matter 10:

  • Particulate matter 10 is very small particles found in dust and smoke.
  • They have a diameter of 10 micrometre
  • Particulate matter 10 articles are a common air pollutant.
  • We can measure particulate matter attained at some of our air monitoring sites.

Health effect of particulate matter 10:

  • These particles are small enough to get into your throat and lungs.
  • High levels of particulate matter 10 can make you cough, your nose run and eyes sting.
  • People with heart or lung conditions might have more symptoms when particulate matter 10 levels are high.
  • Symptoms can include in chest tightness or difficulty in breathing.

I hope so my answer will give you more information about particulate matter 10 particles. Thank you.

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