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What is Nainital Corrugated Sheets?

What is Nainital Corrugated Sheets?

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Corrugation is a process of shaping the materials by adding some alternate ridges and furrows. Corrugation is usually used to add rigidity to the flexible material.

When the sheets are corrugated, the strength and durability of sheets increases.

For corrugation process steel, aluminum, nickel, fiberglass, and plastics are used, the manufactured sheets are called in Nainital corrugated sheets.

Corrugated Sheet:

It is composed of hot-dip galvanised mild steel and cold rolled for producing a linear corrugated pattern. More amount of iron is present in it.

Actually, corrugation increases the bending strength of the sheet when the direction is perpendicular to the corrugations.

Steel must be stretched to bend in the direction of perpendicular to the corrugations.

Usually, every sheet is already manufactured linger in its strong direction.

Applications of corrugated sheets are given below:

In Architectural and construction field In the packaging sector In the Printing sector In the medical field

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