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Calvin Ray
Asked a question 2 years ago

What is mean by sheroid triangle in the survey?

What is mean by sheroid triangle in the survey?

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The triangle which is formed on the earth by three geodesic lines joining three points on a spheroid while performing geodetic survey is known as spheroid triangle.

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Spheroid triangle:

The triangle formed, especially in the geodetic survey, is nothing but the spheroidal triangle.

A geodetic survey is carried out when the distance is more than 250 km. The curvature of Earth is taken into consideration.

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Raul Jimenez
Senior Project Manager

There’s no such thing as sheroid triangle. I think you wanted to type spheroid triangle.

Spheroid triangle is nothing but a triangle on a sphere (the Earth). In surveying, when three points on the Earth are taken which are at least about a few kilometers apart, the lines joining them will be curves but not straight lines because of the Earth’s curvature. The three curved figure made by these curves with each of our points as vertices is a spheroid triangle.

We denote this kind of a  because triangle separately in this way because we cannot apply normal trigonometry to this triangle since the sum of the angles is greater than 180º. If we do that, we’ll end up with wrong calculations. So, adjustments first need to be done. They are already taken care of in GPS positioning.