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Jacqueline Wade
Environmental engineer
Asked a question 2 years ago

What is Land Jantri in government departments of India?

What is Land Jantri in government departments of India?

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It is a legal document which specifies the land and buildings at a particular time. Government of Gujarat fixes the rates of land or building in the state from time to time. In the state of Gujarat property registration charges and the stamp duty are calculated based on the unit rates of land maintained by the Government. Property prices managed by the Government will be re-examined periodically as per market value and Jantri value. Gujarat land value certificate contains the value of land according to the current market value  of land in that particular area at that time. In this article, we will look at the procedure for obtaining Gujarat Land Value Certificate – Jantri for a property in detail.

Flenn Hale
Construction Manager

Land jantri is the legal document which is released by state government.

Jantri or land Jantri is actually the legal document released by state governments from time to time that specifies the revised land rates for each area within the state. The rates of lands can’t go below the rates specified in the Jantri. A detailed survey is done every time before the new Jantri is prepared. Apart from fixing minimum prices, the Jantri also updates on the ownerships of lands and plots in all areas under the jurisdiction of the state. It also updates the type of land for all locations.