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Theodore Ray
Planning and development surveyor
Asked a question 2 years ago

What is Kicker Reinforcement in RCC Column?

What is Kicker Reinforcement in RCC Column?

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Terry Collins
Sustainability consultant

a Kicker is a 5-15cm advance that is given at the Column/Shear divider Base during the throwing of the section/establishment. It is given to guarantee that the directions of the section/divider are kept up consistently between the chunks and basically all through the structure.
Casting of slab/ foundation, the covering for the segment can be fixed legitimately on the kicker to ensure column location and base alignment is precise.
Its job is to keep away uneven steel cover and Column/wall alignment issues, which are practically difficult to correct once the concrete is cast and can be effortlessly distinguished/redressed by giving a kicker.
An inappropriate practice related to the arrangement of the kicker is that a few contractual workers give a kicker after casting a slab, which includes an extra undesirable Construction columns near the base where the shear is maximum and hence is not advised.